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How to Control Morphoder with a MIDI Keyboard in Logic Pro

Jun 06, 2019

Learn how to set up Waves Morphoder as an AU MIDI-controlled effect in Logic Pro, so you can control and manipulate recorded tracks with a MIDI keyboard.

Morphoder: MIDI triggering in Logic Pro

  1. Create an audio track with the audio content to which you wish to apply Morphoder’s vocoding effect. (This will be your modulator).
  2. Keep this track muted or assign it to ‘No Output’.
  3. Create a new Software Instrument track.
  4. Under Instrument menu, scroll down to AU MIDI-controlled Effects > Waves, and select Morphoder.
  5. Make sure Record Enable (red R button) in the Instrument track is armed.
  6. Open the Morphoder plugin interface. At the top-right corner, choose Side Chain Source, and select the audio track from step #1.
  7. Play or record some notes. The plugin will react to the MIDI notes you are playing on your keyboard.

* The MIDI button in the Morphoder interface should be armed by default; still, double-check that it is.