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How to Build or Purchase a Computer for eMotion LV1

Nov 30, 2021

When building or purchasing a computer dedicated to hosting the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer, follow the specifications and guidelines below.
For best performance we recommend purchasing Waves’ Axis One or Axis Proton computers.

Operating SystemOS VersionWindows 10 64bit
Windows 11 64bit
SettingsGaming SettingsPer latest specs here
Windows UpdatesEnabledWe recommend installing Windows updates. These can be delayed for up to 35 days.
Please allow sufficient time to perform updates (for example before a show).
CPUMinimumIntel i3, 4 Cores, Gen 8 2.8GhzAMD processors are not supported
RecommendedIntel i5, 4 Cores and up, Gen 8, 3.0Ghz and up
MemoryMinimum8 GB RAM 
Recommended16 GB fast RAM
NetworkDedicated1Gbit LAN port for SoundGrid network, OS settings Per latest specs here.Private network, do not share with other protocols
SecondaryLAN port / WIFI for Internet or other networksUSB-to-Ethernet adapter may be required.
Disable during shows.
StorageMinimumSSD 256GB 
USBMinimum4 x USB2 ports 
Recommended4 x USB2.0/3/3.1 ports + 4 x USB3.0/3.1 portsConnecting 4 USB3 touch screens, 2 controllers, license DOK, keyboard and mouse
DisplayGraphics Card (minimum)Intel UHD family (Driver version 9316 or 9955 only) 
One Screen (minimum)HDMI / DP
Resolution: 720p to 4k
Two Screens (Recommended)HDMI / DP
Resolution: 720p to 4k
Four Screens (Advanced)An additional, dedicated display card is required to operate 4 screens (with 2GB memory).
Multi-touch (Required)10-point touch
Environmental SupportMaximum operation temperature40°C / 104°FMust have suitable ventilation

Keep in mind that meeting these specs still does not guarantee the best possible performance.

See system requirements for eMotion LV1 and all Waves plugins and applications.

Have more questions? Contact Technical Support.