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How Do I Pair the Nx Head Tracker with My Computer?

Apr 26, 2022

Important note: As of November 2021, Waves Audio no longer sells or supports the Nx desktop standalone application for Mac and PC. Click here for more information.

To connect the Nx Head Tracker Bluetooth device with the Waves Nx application for 3D audio on your Mac or Windows computer, follow these instructions.

Important – before connecting the Nx Head Tracker, do the following:


Bluetooth must be turned on in order for the Nx Head Tracker to function. If Bluetooth is off, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and click on ‘Turn Bluetooth On.’


In order for the Nx Head Tracker to connect with the Waves Nx app, you must first pair the device through Windows’ Bluetooth Devices Settings.

  1. Open the Bluetooth Devices Settings menu via Start menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth
  2. Press the button on top of your Nx Head Tracker.
  3. You should now see a device named: ‘Nx Tracker Ready to pair.’
  4. Click on it and select ‘Pair.’

Note: These steps must be taken before initial connection to your computer. If you disconnect the Nx Head Tracker from the Bluetooth settings menu, you will need to pair it again.

Pairing Instructions (Windows and Mac)

  1. Mount the Nx Head Tracker on top of the headphone arc with the logo side facing forward. L and R on the Nx Head Tracker device should correspond to L and R on your headphones. Inaccurate positioning of the Nx Head Tracker will result in inaccurate head tracking.
  2. Open the Waves Nx app, click on the Settings icon and choose Nx Tracker.
  3. Press the button on top of your Nx Head Tracker.
  4. The Nx Head Tracker should now connect to the Waves Nx app, and the head model in the app should turn blue.

Now position yourself in front of the computer, and press the Sweet Spot. This will now be your center position.

To get the most out of Nx, it is highly recommended that you set the values in the Personalization section to your own individual head measurements. If you choose not to enter your personal head measurements, it is recommended that you stick with the default values, which are the average for the human population. Radical departures from the recommended values will seriously distort the effect.

Disconnecting the Nx Head Tracker

To preserve battery life, the Nx Head Tracker will automatically shut down if you do not move for ten minutes. You can also turn it off by holding the button for more than two seconds.