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Sale Extended | Limited Time
CYBER MONDAY SALE: Plugins starting at $599
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eMotion LV1 Knowledge Base

Technical Support & Resources
Get technical support and discover important resources for configuring and working with your eMotion LV1 setup.
View the latest support notes for eMotion LV1 troubleshooting
Review system requirements for your eMotion LV1 setup
Find out what’s new, updated, and fixed for Waves releases
eMotion LV1 Live Mixer Training
Learn how to get up and running with your eMotion LV1 setup and start mixing live with plugins
SoundGrid Certification Courses
Get certified with SoundGrid systems, plus receive a Waves coupon upon certification: 3 courses now available
eMotion LV1 Quick Start Guide
Jumpstart your setup with this printable manual to get the most out of eMotion LV1’s features and capabilities
eMotion LV1 in Action
Discover how top industry professionals are using eMotion LV1 around the world and watch helpful guides for your own setup
TRACT and Smaart: Step-by-Step Guide
Watch how you can easily calibrate your system using the TRACT System Calibration plugin & Rational Acoustics' Smaart
Intro to the Waves FIT Controller
Live specialist Jeremiah Clever reveals how to maximize the FIT Controller’s features for a more intuitive mixing experience
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