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Cloud MX Audio Mixer – Support Notes

Feb 01, 2023

This page presents existing issues, some with workarounds, that we are working to solve in the Cloud MX Audio Mixer. It also summarizes key improvements and main issues that have already been solved. We will update this page on an ongoing basis as more issues are solved.

More helpful information:

Plugin Compatibility

Cloud MX V14 supports cloud-licensed plugins only. See list of all plugins included with each Cloud MX product option:

  1. Cloud MX Audio Mixer
  2. Cloud MX Audio Mixer Plus
  3. Cloud MX Audio Mixer Premium

Known Issues in Cloud MX current version

  • When using NDI Bridge to connect two or more LAN networks, changing the sample rate or buffer size in Cloud MX may affect or lose the NDI stream/sources.
    Workaround: In Cloud MX settings page, set the device as ‘None’ and then back to ‘Waves NDI ASIO Driver’.

Additional Support Notes

  1. It is possible to use 2 Fit Controllers working together, but requires specific settings. To get assistance on setting 2 FIT controllers with Cloud MX, contact our customer support team.
  2. Using a macOS computer on-prem with Waves FIT is not supported. Instead, use a Windows computer to control your FIT controller with the Cloud-MX instance.
  3. NDI 5.5 (or higher) tools must be installed prior to Cloud MX, in order for the Waves NDI driver to be accessed in Cloud MX.
  4. Some PCoIP remote display applications do not currently support multiple touchscreens.
  5. Window RDP is not recommended for remote display control and audio monitoring of Cloud MX.

Session Templates

None of the above has worked?Contact Technical Support.