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{"profile":{"dataSet":"Profile","profileID":322,"handleID":332,"userName":"","publicName":"The Legendary Traxster","bio":"The Legendary Traxster is a Multi-Platinum \u0026 Grammy Nominated American Songwriter, Producer, and Rapper who co-produced the smash hit \u0022Cuff It\u0022 (Remix) with Beyonce. He produced Ludacris\u0027 single \u0022My Chick Bad\u0022 featuring Nicki Minaj and earned a Grammy Nomination for his work with Mariah Carey, co-writing and producing the track \u0022One and Only\u0022 on her 2005 released album, \u0022The Emancipation Of Mimi.\u0022 Traxster is best known as the producer for the platinum-selling rapper Twista and the famed rap group Do or Die, for whom he produced several albums, including the platinum-selling \u0022Adrenaline Rush\u0022 in its entirety. Traxster is credited for creating the Midwest/Chicago sound: slow, dark, bass-heavy grooves, with wild drums and running hi-hats to match the triple time rhyme patterns of the rappers. More than two decades later, The Legendary Traxster\u0027s sound continues to resonate throughout Hip-Hop and R\u0026B.","prfUserGUID":"7e84b08e-755a-4861-8fdb-867c50ef6977","handle":"traxster","imgExt":"jpg","httpStatus":200,"pageNumber":0,"numberOfPages":0,"itemModifiedWhen":"2023-04-01T21:36:27.9543975","presetID":0,"userID":219243,"wavesClientID":0,"isUserOwner":false,"isVerified":false,"isIndex":true},"sites":[{"dataSet":"Sites","domainID":1,"siteURL":"","domain":"","domainName":"YouTube","domainIcon":""},{"dataSet":"Sites","domainID":7,"siteURL":"","domain":"","domainName":"Instagram","domainIcon":""}],"presets":[],"presetTags":[]}