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{"profile":{"dataSet":"Profile","profileID":455,"handleID":2769,"userName":"","publicName":"Mr.Sinklair","bio":"Music isn\u0027t just sound to me; it\u0027s a canvas for raw emotion. With an indie essence in my expansive style, I craft melodies that resonate deeply. Using Nuendo 12 and exploring AI\u0027s potential, I\u0027m intrigued by music\u0027s emotional power. My creations often reflect life\u0027s darker hues, inspired by talents like Billie Eilish and Glen Johnsson. Although largely self-taught, a year in a Swedish music school honed my craft. When you listen, I hope for a shared connection. Much awaits on the horizon. Stay tuned.","prfUserGUID":"a8000a53-5178-4abf-8095-b5077671ee90","handle":"Pop","imgExt":"jpg","httpStatus":200,"pageNumber":0,"numberOfPages":0,"itemModifiedWhen":"2023-08-15T21:50:54.6426614","presetID":0,"userID":4124803,"wavesClientID":0,"isUserOwner":false,"isVerified":false,"isIndex":true},"sites":[],"presets":[],"presetTags":[]}