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{"profile":{"dataSet":"Profile","profileID":1961,"handleID":2041,"userName":"","publicName":"Duke Fiorella","bio":"Duke began his musical career as a DJ playing at clubs and events throughout NY. This eventually led to an interest in the production and mixing fields, primarily within the Hip-Hop and R\u0026B genres. In 1998, he was hired as a tour DJ/musical support specialist and worked closely with various Hip-Hop and R\u0026B recording artists from Interscope, Motown, Island/Def Jam, and Sony Records. Duke is proficient with various DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Live.","prfUserGUID":"e93ceae5-572e-4df9-acb6-6f7fcf92a736","handle":"Duke","imgExt":"png","httpStatus":200,"pageNumber":0,"numberOfPages":0,"itemModifiedWhen":"2023-06-14T22:02:59.8146465","presetID":0,"userID":362532,"wavesClientID":0,"isUserOwner":false,"isVerified":false,"isIndex":true},"sites":[],"presets":[],"presetTags":[]}