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{"profile":{"dataSet":"Profile","profileID":336,"handleID":348,"userName":"","publicName":"60MAN60","bio":"I have a lot of Waves plug-ins, mainly because the bundles are so cheap. I probably use half a dozen of them regularly. There is absolutely no way I\u0027ll rent software, not now, not ever. TBH, most of the basic stuff - compression, gates, reverbs etc \u2013 is done better with Logic.","prfUserGUID":"aa480681-ac4d-4601-86ba-21802e5138f3","handle":"60MAN60","imgExt":"","httpStatus":200,"pageNumber":0,"numberOfPages":0,"itemModifiedWhen":"2023-03-29T09:49:18.8373753","presetID":0,"userID":3365196,"wavesClientID":0,"isUserOwner":false,"isVerified":false,"isIndex":true},"sites":[],"presets":[],"presetTags":[]}