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The biggest online preset library of audio and instrument chains – inside your DAW.
An Endless Preset Library Inside Your DAW
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    Waves StudioVerse: The Biggest Online Preset Library

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    Inside the Session: Producing “JOHN HUGHES” with StudioVerse

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    The New StudioVerse Experience: What’s New? Instruments & more

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    New! StudioVerse Instruments: In-Depth Walkthrough

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  • Find the Exact Sounds You Want in Your Song

    Put inspiration onto paper. Audition presets on the tracks you’re working on, and instantly bring your musical ideas to life.

    220 plugins
  • Play From a Universe of Instrument Presets

    Play from thousands of chains combining layered instruments, MIDI FX & audio FX. Create & share your own instrument presets across DAWs, and publish them on StudioVerse.

    All plugin updates
  • Sift Through Sounds from Your Favorite Artists & Records

    Beyonce’s vocal chain, Tony Maserati’s mix bus, Scheps’ drum sound, and thousands more presets – all in StudioVerse.

    New plugins added regularly
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