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Sale Extended | Limited Time
CYBER MONDAY SALE: Plugins starting at $599
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Student/Faculty Discounts: 35% Off Waves Plugins & Bundles

Please note: Our current promotions are the best prices available and Student Discounts are not applicable at this time.

We are pleased to offer students and faculty an exclusive discount of 35% off all Waves plugins* and bundles, as part of our ongoing support for aspiring audio engineers, producers and musicians and our continuing commitment to provide them with the highest-quality audio tools.

To qualify for student/faculty pricing, you must provide the following:

Please note that incomplete submissions will be discarded and not processed!

  1. Valid student/faculty ID from a recognized educational institution or a Waves-certified institution.
    School ID must contain expiration or enrollment dates, otherwise please include a copy of your current schedule. If you are a faculty member you are welcome to submit a letter from HR confirming your employment or a recent check stub will all personal information blacked out.
  2. Additional official identification (i.e. driver’s license or passport).
  3. A completed Waves student/faculty discount application form
  4. Your physical billing address.
  5. Waves login name.

Email the orders team or fax all four of the above documents to +1-865-381-1416.

Student discounts are 35% off the current retail price (MSRP). Students may purchase each Waves plugin or bundle only once. Student discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Waves will return or cancel any duplicate purchases or orders that do not qualify.

Waves reserves the right to decide if the student’s educational institution qualifies for the discount, and may refuse student discounts as may be required. Waves will pre-register the software in the student’s account; the student’s Waves account login name must be included in order to be processed.

* Abbey Road Studio 3 not eligible for Student/Faculty discount.