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How to Streamline Your Live Mix Workflow: SuperRack SoundGrid Plugin Rack

Oct 10, 2019 | 45,671 Views

SuperRack is a cutting-edge, highly customizable plugin processing rack for broadcast and live sound engineers. In this video, we will explore the main features and shows how they can help you run any live show with flexibility and confidence.

In addition to letting you run Waves award-winning plugins with ultra-low latency, SuperRack is designed for quick and simple setup. It gives you a flexible workspace, optimized for touch screens, endless workflow customization.

You can arrange your workspace however you want, across up to four touch screens. Plugin interfaces, layers, panels, and user keys can be detached and placed anywhere on your workspace.

A touch-and-slide fader lets you control small parameters that are otherwise difficult to adjust with just your fingers. Additionally, you can customize SuperRack to your unique workflow by setting up and recalling snapshots by scope for almost anything - racks, plugins, tempo, panels and more. You can even eliminate redundant work by linking rack parameters and controlling them simultaneously, as well as aligning rack latency in groups.

You can use custom layers to combine the most important racks from your session into one view, as well as work faster with user assignable keys and map plugin parameters and application controls to MIDI devices and the computer keyboard.

SuperRack makes it possible to patch, route, and share I/Os between multiple SoundGrid devices. You have the freedom to set up a side-chain to plugins from an I/O device or rack output, and even switch to alternative set of inputs and outputs per rack on the fly.

Engineers that need to automatically balance multiple discussion panel microphones can take advantage of improved Dugan workflow, and DiGiCo or Lawo console owners can take advantage of SuperRack's deep control integration that includes mirroring.

To ensure your system is always stable and reliable, SuperRack offers server redundancy. You can closely monitor network and device status, and when needed, view event logs for both the application and the network.

SuperRack gives you everything you need to run a show with speed, flexibility, and confidence.