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Nx Germano Studios: A Hit Factory in Your Headphones

Apr 03, 2022 | 15,888 Views

Nx Germano Studios New York brings the A-list acoustics of the legendary NYC studio (formerly The Hit Factory) to your headphones so you can monitor your mixes in a precise model of the legendary control room – anytime, anywhere, as if you were at Studio 1 in New York.

Germano Studios New York (originally The Hit Factory) set the global standards for A-list acoustics. Owner Troy Germano invites you into the control room of the stars with Nx Germano Studios, the next step in the legacy of the innovative, renowned NYC studios.

With the Nx Germano plugin, you get a hit factory in your headphones, complete with 4 top-shelf stereo and surround monitoring options for reliable mix referencing, wherever you may be.

Whether you’re mixing on the go, lacking a reliable monitoring reference or even if you have a well-tuned acoustic environment, Nx Germano allows you to better judge depth, balance, and low end by checking your mixes though Germano’s custom-built monitoring systems, complete with Germano’s top-shelf stereo monitors: The NS10 near-fields; the custom Exigy S412G four-way system with dual 18-inch subwoofers; and the Germano Acoustics A2s. Plus, mix for surround on headphones, with Germano’s 5.1 system equipped with five Germano Acoustics A2 speakers and subwoofer.

Learn more and turn your headphones into a hit factory with Nx Germano Studios New York here.

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