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Start Mixing with Plugins 4: Mixing Guitars and Synths

Aug 21, 2016 | 16,743 Views

Learn how to make your mid-range instruments – electric and acoustic guitars, pianos, synths – cut through the mix and gel together using EQ, compression and more. You’ll learn:

  • How to EQ and compress acoustic guitars
  • How to add sustain to lead electric guitars
  • How to add top end to virtual and sampled pianos
  • How to enhance the top end of synths using plugins that model analog consoles
  • How to compress and EQ synths to make them cut through the mix

Watch the other chapters of Start Mixing with Plugins, created by Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution:

  1. Setting Up Your Master Buss
  2. Mixing Drums
  3. Mixing Bass
  4. Mixing Guitars and Synths
  5. Mixing Vocals
  6. Adding Reverb and Delay
  7. Pre-Mastering
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