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Start Mixing with Plugins 1: Setting Up Your Master Buss

Aug 21, 2016 | 291,211 Views

In the first chapter of the online course Start Mixing with Plugins you’ll learn how to EQ and compress your master buss early in the mixing process in order to get a quick reference of what your final mix will sound like.

This way you’ll be able to hear your individual channels in the right context, and you’ll be able to make better mixing decisions when you go on to mix each of them individually.

Watch the other chapters of Start Mixing with Plugins, created by Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution:

  1. Setting Up Your Master Buss
  2. Mixing Drums
  3. Mixing Bass
  4. Mixing Guitars and Synths
  5. Mixing Vocals
  6. Adding Reverb and Delay
  7. Pre-Mastering
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