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The ABCs of SSL – Mixing with SSL EV2

Dec 02, 2021 | 100,225 Views

In this section-by-section breakdown of EV2 Channel plugin, learn how you can easily use the legendary channel strip with its fully re-modelled sound in your own music. Whether your aim is surgical tone shaping, getting tracks to sound fat or more creativity in the mix, SSL EV2 gives you all the tools and more to elevate the sound and feel of your mixes like never before.

In this deep dive SSL EV2 tutorial, learn how to mix drums, basses, guitars and vocals using the legendary SSL 4000 E EQ colors, punchy dynamics, input drive characteristics and stereo imaging - knob-by-knob.

Video chapters:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:55 Control overview
  • 2:14 Mixing kick drums from scratch
  • 9:44 Mixing snare drums with presets
  • 10:48 Mixing acoustic guitars
  • 15:20 Mixing bass guitars
  • 16:49 Mixing lead vocals
  • 18:48: Mixing electric guitar
  • 20:28: Sign Off