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SoundGrid Driver

Installed as part of SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, eMotion LV1 and MultiRack, or available for download independently via Waves Central.

The SoundGrid driver connects your Mac or PC to SoundGrid I/Os and the SoundGrid audio network. Use it to:

  • Play back and record with any DAW using a SoundGrid I/O, as part of a SoundGrid audio network (in this case the SoundGrid driver serves as your ASIO/Core Audio playback engine)
  • Connect non-SoundGrid I/Os to the SoundGrid network for plugin processing and mixing (using the driver’s “SoundGrid Connect” feature)
  • Stream your PC or Mac audio content to the SoundGrid network: Use the SoundGrid driver’s WDM and Core Audio Sound engines to monitor and record audio from web browsers (e.g. YouTube), media players, games and other applications via SoundGrid interfaces.
  • Play back and record using SoundGrid I/Os
  • Bridge non-SoundGrid I/Os to a SoundGrid network
  • Stream PC or Mac audio to a SoundGrid network