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SoundGrid Driver

The SoundGrid driver connects your Mac or PC to SoundGrid I/Os and the SoundGrid audio network. Use it to:

  • Play back and record with any DAW using a SoundGrid I/O, as part of a SoundGrid audio network (in this case the SoundGrid driver serves as your ASIO/Core Audio playback engine)
  • Connect non-SoundGrid I/Os to the SoundGrid network for plugin processing and mixing (using the driver’s “SoundGrid Connect” feature)
  • Stream your PC or Mac audio content to the SoundGrid network: Use the SoundGrid driver’s WDM and Core Audio Sound engines to monitor and record audio from web browsers (e.g. YouTube), media players, games and other applications via SoundGrid interfaces.
  • Play back and record using SoundGrid I/Os
  • Bridge non-SoundGrid I/Os to a SoundGrid network
  • Stream PC or Mac audio to a SoundGrid network