SoundGrid Studio Application

Please note: Waves V11 plugins are not supported in SoundGrid Studio. Learn more.

Also included in StudioRack SoundGrid, the eMotion ST mixer and selected DiGiGrid I/Os and other SoundGrid I/Os.

The SoundGrid Studio Application runs on your host computer and manages all software and hardware connected to the SoundGrid network.

SoundGrid Studio integrates seamlessly with most popular DAWs and SoundGrid audio interfaces, as well as with any ASIO or Core Audio-compatible interface. SoundGrid Studio enables you to configure setups of every size—from a single DAW with one SoundGrid I/O, to a whole network of host computers, audio interfaces, and SoundGrid DSP servers.

With its dynamic I/O mapping ability, the SoundGrid Studio Application lets you configure your SoundGrid network, manage its various components, and set up any combination of SoundGrid-compatible devices. Its configuration module lets you assign and route drivers and hardware devices. The SoundGrid Studio Application also enables I/O sharing between several computers whose resources are managed from the designated host computer.
  • Configures SoundGrid’s ASIO/Core Audio driver and SoundGrid I/Os (auto-configuration wizard available)
  • Integrates with StudioRack and the eMotion ST mixer for real-time processing, mixing and monitoring
  • Connect and patch multiple hardware devices
  • Stream audio from and to multiple host computers running various DAWs
  • Create and save your own configuration templates
  • Control your SoundGrid I/O parameters (channel input gain, phantom power, etc.)
  • Support for Sync Transport between two different DAWs running on separate computers over the SoundGrid network. Learn more.
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