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Networking the Modern Studio with SoundGrid

Sep 05, 2018 | 38,167 Views

In June 2024 we will release the next version of StudioRack, which will no longer support offloading plugin processing to a SoundGrid server via SoundGrid Studio: Learn more.

It's hard to connect and keep track of all your studio gear once your studio grows. SoundGrid makes it simple. Join producer/mixing engineer Michele Canova Iorfida (Alicia Keys, John Legend, Eros Ramazzotti) on a tour of his SoundGrid-powered studio setup.

With smart placement of a few SoundGrid interfaces (three DiGiGrid IOX and a DiGiGrid D) across his studio, Michele is able to achieve optimal cross-connectivity of all his synthesizers, instruments and various outboard gear. Once the SoundGrid network is created, anything can be routed and connected to anything else

Controlling this elaborate setup is pretty easy with the SoundGrid Studio application. Patches are made and altered by a quick click of the mouse, and changes are heard instantly.

Since the SoundGrid Server is taking care of all the plugin processing, Michele can produce beats and record top-liners or overdubs through SoundGrid compatible plugins in real-time without having to worry about any added latency. Creating custom headphone mixes is a breeze with the eMotion ST Mixer, so everyone can really get into the vibe and bring their best performance.

Working on two different DAWs, Michele uses the StudioRack plugin chainer so he can save entire processing chains as presets that can be simply loaded in each DAW.

Michele beautifully combines the best of both the analog world and the digital realm in his amazing hybrid studio, taking full advantage of what the SoundGrid system has to offer.

Take the free SoundGrid 101 online course to learn all about the basics of SoundGrid and get certified. There's also a $50 credit coupon in it for you.