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SoundGrid for Hardware and Software Developers

Sep 16, 2014

SoundGrid is a protocol for real-time, low-latency audio processing and networking. It enables applications such as MultiRack and SoundGrid Studio and DAW plugins such as StudioRack to share and control I/O devices and servers across a network. It brings flexibility, quality, and economy to work environments ranging from simple project studios to complex networked recording and broadcast companies.

The SoundGrid infrastructure is open to third-party hardware and software developers alike. Waves is working closely with additional plugin vendors and several hardware manufacturers in order to create a wide range of solutions and expand even further the family of SoundGrid-compatible tools. Committed to this task, Waves invites additional companies to be part of this revolution. We guarantee to provide the necessary tools, support and supervision in order to ensure the high-quality products that our industry expects and deserves.

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