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The Secrets of Vinyl Mastering at Abbey Road

Nov 14, 2016 | 52,911 Views

Get a close look at the vinyl cutting and mastering process at Abbey Road Studios, the secrets of the vinyl sound, and the making of the Abbey Road Vinyl plugin.

Watch Abbey Road Studios’ vinyl cutting and mastering engineers as they take you into the studios’ vinyl mastering suites and show how various processes affect the final vinyl sound:

  • The vinyl record lathe cutting process
  • Frequency and groove width considerations
  • Cutting from tape
  • The process of cutting from lacquer to disc
  • The choice of different playback decks, tonearms and cartridges
  • Using the EMI TG12410 desk for vinyl mastering
  • Factory smoothing (“de-horning”)
  • How the vinyl making procedure developed from acoustic to electronic

Also discover how the Waves Abbey Road plugin was created, and how it allows you to add to your own music the sound of all these different stages of vinyl creation and playback.