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Reverse Vocals – 5 EASY Steps | Producer Tricks


Many try, but only a few get it right: Watch producer Renegade El Rey’s (Big Boi, T.I.) easy 5-step process for a great-sounding reverse vocal delay/reverb effect.

Utilizing the rendered tails of the H-Delay and R-Verb as his foundation before flipping and tucking to place, Renegade’s technique is useful for drops, swells, and adding exciting ear-candy to any source material.

  • 0:59 - STEP #1: Choose a tempo-sync delay
  • 2:29 - STEP #2: Chop & copy first word
  • 3:39 - STEP #3: Drown in reverb & render
  • 4:38 - STEP #4: Reverse & tuck
  • 5:21 - STEP #5: Emphasize the EQ

Want more producer tricks? Watch Malay’s (Frank Ocean) Inspiring Vocal Pitch-Shift Chain.

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