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Ken "Pooch" Van Druten

Sep 06, 2011

What projects are you currently working on?

Linkin Park and Van Halen

What console(s) do you use?

Avid D-Show Profile

What are some advantages of using Waves plugins?

They sound amazing. It has significantly improved my mix by adding waves to my arsenal.

What do you see as your main goal for the audience?

Providing a record-quality listen that has impact, intelligibility, and emotion.

How does MultiRack benefit you?

Having the ability to have Waves plugins on any console is invaluable. With MultiRack Native, I carry my main vocal chain and vocal FX with me wherever I go. I used to carry a rack full of gear with me, now it is a laptop and interface. MultiRack SG takes the workhorse of a Yamaha PM5D, and turns it into a great-sounding console as well.

Do you use a redundant server?

YES – We are talking about crucial tools needed for a show, run by a computer. Computers crash. Even though I have used MultiRack for two years now, and have never had a server crash during a show, there will be that ONE day when it does crash, and my ass is covered.