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Recreating the Beatles’ Sounds: FREE Presets

Sep 21, 2020

Watch how The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” is recreated note for note, tone for tone – and how the faithful recreation was made using Waves Abbey Road plugins. Includes FREE presets for you to download!

Recreating The Beatles with Abbey Road Plugins

Download the free Abbey Road presets in StudioRack plugin chainer format:

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In 1967, the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a revolutionary masterpiece that forever changed music, music recording, and music production.

George Martin’s production at Abbey Road Studios, and the sounds the legendary producer was able to create using Abbey Road’s gear, were an essential part of the song’s magic.

60 years later, producer Ricardo Salvador set out to faithfully recreate the album's final track, "A Day in The Life," using the Waves Abbey Road plugins to emulate the song’s precise vocal, drum, piano, bass and guitar sounds.

Watch the faithful cover of “A Day in the Life” here (music starts at 1:33):

Then, in the next video, Ricardo takes us step by step through his meticulous production and mixing process using the Abbey Road plugins:

Best of all – All of the Abbey Road plugin presets shown in the second video are available for FREE download below, in a StudioRack chain preset format (download the free StudioRack plugin chainer here).

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Plugins included in these chains: Abbey Road REDD, J37, Reverb Plates, TG Mastering Chain, EMI TG12345, RS56, and CLA-76.

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