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Raw to Radio-Ready Vocals: Silk Vocal StudioVerse Chains

Jan 11, 2024 | 12,329 Views

Fed up with spending endless hours mixing a vocal only to end up with something that doesn’t quite hit the mark? Discover the power of StudioVerse Silk Vocal mix chains, the key to transforming any raw vocal recording into a polished, professional-sounding masterpiece.

If you would like to try the exact chains featured in this video, simply drag and drop the links below directly from your web browser on any open instance of StudioVerse:

YN Lead Male Vocals

YN Lead Female Vocals

These Silk Vocal based StudioVerse mix chains have been designed to help both experienced engineers and aspiring music producers alike, offering an easy-to-use, streamlined approach for crafting incredibly polished vocal mixes with minimal effort.

In this video, we take you through the process of mixing a male-female duet. You’ll hear how, within the space of a few clicks, all the available macros tame harshness and boominess while also giving you power to inject sweetness, depth, dimension and that elusive polish we all strive for in a mix.

From raw, unprocessed vocal recordings to vocal mixes that shimmer with clarity and depth, check out these chains in the StudioVerse mix chain library.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:23 Silk Vocal overview
  • 0:40 Silk Vocal StudioVerse chain introduction
  • 1:01 Before and after example
  • 1:48 Mixing a female vocal with a Silk Vocal StudioVerse chain
  • 5:27 Mixing a male vocal with a Silk Vocal StudioVerse chain
  • 6:50 Sign off

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