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Instant Radio-Ready Rap Vocals by Matt Schaeffer (Kendrick Lamar)

Jul 22, 2020 | 135,356 Views

Watch how to mix tight, bright hip hop vocals quickly, using the Waves StudioRack chain preset ‘Basic Rap Vocals’ by producer/engineer Matt Schaeffer (Kendrick Lamar).

‘Basic Rap Vocals’ is included in the StudioRack plugin chainer as an Artist Preset. Download StudioRack free now, and try it on your vocal tracks.

Matt Schaeffer about his ‘Basic Rap Vocals’ StudioRack Chain

"The plugins in this chain are the typical tools I go for each and every time I start mixing a rap vocal."

"I generally want my rap vocal tracks to sound tight and bright, but I have to be really careful about bringing out sibilance. That's why my chain features several layers of de-essing across different frequencies."

“The chain features a collection of my go-to plugin starter combinations and settings for rap vocal mixing, including Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Compressor, SSL E-Channel, Renaissance DeEsser, CLA-76, PuigTec EQP-1A and Sibilance."

Instant Radio-Ready Rap Vocals by Matt Schaeffer (Kendrick Lamar)

'Basic Rap Vocals' is an easy to use plugin chain. Control the dynamics and tone of any style hip-hop rap vocal in seconds. This preset has all of StudioRacks's 8 macros available for you to freely assign to whatever controls you find most helpful within this chain. Besides the audio example in this video, we also show you two possible macro options you can try for customizing the 'Basic Rap Vocal' preset.