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Punch Up Your Tracks with MaxxVolume (Tip)

Mar 05, 2014

Tricks of the Mix: Find out how to bring that extra something to your mix using Waves plugins, brought to you by Waves Artists, Product Specialists and enthusiasts like yourself.

I use MaxxVolume in dance music to make my percussion and drum loops really spit. I run it in parallel, copying the track and then setting MaxxVolume on the copy. I set it really strong so the signal is compressed into a small dynamic range. Then I bring up the MaxxVolume track underneath the original to get it really punching through.

Now that people are incorporating live instruments into EDM, MaxxVolume works great on scratchy rhythm guitars and plucky synths. Setting it very aggressively will smooth out those dynamics so the parts can sit just right in the mix, being audible without poking out.

Of course it also works great on vocals and horn solos, but that’s what it’s for!