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PRS SuperModels Plugin Demo w/ Devin Townsend

May 03, 2018 | 105,125 Views

Watch what happened when guitar god Devin Townsend tried out the Waves PRS SuperModels guitar amp plugin for the very first time.

“The PRS Supermodels plugin by Waves has exceeded my expectations for what a direct recording solution can provide," Devin says; "I'm thrilled to say that Waves and Paul Reed Smith got it really right. This represents a real shift from a sound being useful to a sound being inspiring."

Devin also saved and gave us his amp presets for the PRS SuperModels Archon plugin, which you can get together with the plugin. Here's how he describes his presets:

Dev Crunch:
“I used the Archon lead channel for this, to get as close to what I would go for with a typical ‘heavy’ sound. I didn’t use any additional processing, in order to try and make it useful straight away."

Dev Clean:
“I cranked up the master a bit here to get a cool touch sensitivity. This is the type of sound I find very inspiring for more subtle things.”

Dev Writer:
“This patch kind of floored me. It’s so difficult with modeling to get that elusive ‘low gain’ sound, but I believe this is the best I’ve heard a digital modeler achieve and I’m very satisfied with it."