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Producer Tony Visconti’s Top 4 Plugins

May 03, 2017

The studio legend behind 13 David Bowie albums, including Blackstar, Heroes and Young Americans, reveals which plugins he uses in his current productions.

Bowie, T. Rex and Morrissey are just a few of the icons Tony Visconti produced over the years. We asked Tony which Waves plugins he turns to most often in his recent productions for artists such as Esperanza Spalding, the Kaiser Chiefs, and Bowie himself in his final albums The Next Day and Blackstar. Here are his top choices:

1. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer

“I use Vitamin for the low end primarily, but it makes all my drums, bass and guitars pop out of the speakers. The EQ possibilities are far beyond normal EQ plugins. Vitamin aptly describes it. You could call it Steroid too.”

Vitamin Sonic Enhancer

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2. H-Delay

“H-Delay is a wonderful delay unit. It is very versatile for creating vintage and modern delays, all in one unit. The quality of the delay can be shaped from smooth and warm to bright and frantic. The interface is beautiful and easy to navigate, and I find it very easy to use even though there are so many options.”

H-Delay Hybrid Delay

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3-4. GTR3 Amps and GTR Stomps

“GTR Amps and GTR Stomps are very versatile and I use them all the time in my studio – not just for guitars but also for vocal and drum effects.”


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