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Producer Giles Martin on the Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin

Jul 10, 2019 | 36,391 Views

Producer Giles Martin (The Beatles, Rocketman) discusses what makes the Abbey Road Studio 3 control room such a famed place for music mixing and production, and why mixing on headphones is now a viable option using the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin.

Giles Martin has produced and mixed frequently at Abbey Road Studios over the years, overseeing contemporary reissues of the Beatles catalog, as well as producing the original soundtrack for the Elton John hit biopic Rocketman.

In this video, Giles Martin discusses what’s the most crucial element in any studio control room—and which important elements of the original Studio 3 control room the Waves Abbey Road Studio plugin delivers.

The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the acoustic environment of the legendary Abbey Road Studio 3 control room to your headphones, so you can make better production and mixing decisions on any set of headphones.

Abbey Road Studio 3 is where some of the world’s most cherished recordings have been produced and mixed—from albums by Pink Floyd and contemporary mixes for the Beatles, to modern-day classics by Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Florence + the Machine and many more. With the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, you can produce and mix your sessions in the same acoustic environment—on your headphones.

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