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Presenting the Abbey Road Vinyl Plugin

Nov 14, 2016 | 211,547 Views

Add authentic vinyl qualities to your music with this plugin: a step-by-step model of the vinyl cutting and playback gear at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Developed in collaboration with the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the Abbey Road Vinyl plugin lets you literally “make it sound like a record.” You can:

  • Give your tracks the sound of the original acetate master or the freshly pressed vinyl LP
  • Choose between 2 turntables and 3 needles used by the engineers at Abbey Road
  • Slow down and stop your tracks with an authentic slow-down/stop turntable mechanism
  • Move the turntable arm to vary the frequency response and level of harmonic distortion
  • Add phase distortion, noise and crackle, wow and flutter, and modulation
  • Add the distinct sound of the EMI TG12410 console used at Abbey Road’s vinyl mastering suite