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Presenting the PRS SuperModels Guitar Amp Plugin

May 03, 2018 | 167,923 Views

Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith, the PRS SuperModels plugin meticulously models three high-end PRS guitar amps – PRS Archon, PRS Dallas, and PRS Blue Sierrra/V9. From tubes to circuitry, every component of each plugin was modeled in detail from the original amps using Waves' Precision Analog Component technology, based on the full schematics provided by Paul Reed Smith.

PRS SuperModels comes with 8 speaker cabinet IRs recorded by Paul Reed Smith at his studio using his proven mics and recording techniques. You can also add any of your preferred third-party IRs. You can load up to two IRs at a time; the plugin's smart Phase Fix and Time Fix controls will auto-correct any phase or latency differences between the two IRs.

Each amp has three extra features not included in the hardware amps: a tone-shaping boost, great for when you need that extra "push" normally provided by a boost pedal; a tuner for standard as well as extended-range guitars; and a smart noise gate that gates at the output based on the input.

The PRS SuperModels plugin also comes with exclusive artist presets from Devin Townsend, Megadeth producer Chris Rakestraw, and other top pro guitar players and producers.

With three boutique amplifiers to choose from, The PRS SuperModels plugin delivers the precise sound and feel of the original amps, coupled with the flexibility and modularity of digital audio software and places countless tone options at your fingertips. Whether you are playing rock, jazz, country, metal, blues or any other genre, this exquisite amp plugin suite will cover all your guitar-playing needs.