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Presenting the Electric 200 Piano

Nov 21, 2016 | 152,515 Views

Get a taste of Electric 200, a sampled version of two vintage 200-model electric pianos, familiar from hits by music giants from Stevie Wonder to Queen.

Electric 200 samples two distinct instruments of the same 200 electric piano model – “a quantum leap from other sampled or modeled Wurlitzer pianos,” according to top studio musician Charlie Judge (Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban).

The Electric 200 piano delivers every nuance of the originals, adding five studio-quality effects (reverb, phaser, tremolo, autopan, chorus), tone controls, compressor, amp and mix controls to blend in the internal mechanical sounds from the original instruments.

You can use Electric 200 as a plugin or standalone instrument, in the studio or live, to create wide-ranging sounds for jazz, pop, rock and electronic music.

Music by Yakir Ben Tov