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Noiseprint-based noise reduction for music
Image for Z-Noise

Save Tracks with Music-Oriented Noise Reduction


Z-Noise’s advanced transient preservation technology is ideal for removing noise from musical material, while retaining the audio’s sonic integrity. From mic preamp hiss, to hum, to instruments that pick up computer noises, to masters, Z-Noise is the solution that all recording studios need.

Even if you can’t isolate a section of audio to remove, Z-Noise will extract a noise profile, with an Adaptive mode to handle varying noise. Z-Noise is your one-stop option to improve sonic purity.

  • Fix problems across all frequencies with broadband processing
  • Push the noise floor further downward
  • Prevent transient “smearing” with pre-emphasis/de-emphasis
  • Adaptive mode reduces noise over time, even if the profile changes
  • Shape noise profile with pinpoint precision, using 5-band EQ
  • Optimize reduction for best time-or frequency-based resolution
  • Simplify tweaking by monitoring what’s being removed
  • Ideal for reducing guitar noise before high-gain amps
  • Superb at retaining dynamics and low frequency accuracy