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Focused, noiseprint-based noise reduction
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Precision Broadband Noise Reduction


There’s preamp hiss on a vocal, and room rumble is invading your ribbon mic. The guitar is picking up weird noises from your computer—and high-gain amp sims magnify the noise. No problem: X-Noise provides a “noiseprint”-based solution that can save you from having to re-record a track.

Isolate a section of the audio with the noise you want to remove, click Learn, and X-Noise subtracts the noise where it appears in the audio. Then, make a few tweaks to optimize the sound—done.

  • Simplify tweaking with familiar, dynamics processor-like controls
  • Works with individual tracks, or complete mixes
  • Focus the reduction amount with Threshold and Reduction controls
  • Obtain visual feedback from frequency-based spectral display
  • Smooth the reduction processing with Attack and Release controls
  • Add a high-frequency boost or cut with a high-shelf filter
  • Save two noise profiles for easy comparisons
  • Optimize resolution for frequency or time-domain processing
  • “Difference” mode monitors only noise—try this for sound design
  • When you can’t isolate the noise, choose from 13 factory presets
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