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Remove 50/60 Hz hum, DC offset, and low rumble
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Say Goodbye to Low-End Hum & Rumble


Nothing interferes more with a great bass response than problems like hum and rumble. What’s more, at sub-audible frequencies, DC offset might be reducing your headroom. X-Hum addresses all these problems, quickly and efficiently, with zero latency and virtually no drain on your CPU.

X-Hum is the solution for issues that can compromise the low end of even the best systems—such as ground loops, bad connections, proximity to transformers, and rumble from mechanical devices.

  • Handles both 50 and 60 Hz hum problems
  • 8 tuned notch filters reduce hum and hum harmonics up to -60 dB
  • High-pass filter (12 or 24 dB/octave) reduces rumble
  • Link filters for simultaneous parameter settings (or unlink)
  • Factory presets handle the most common use cases
  • Set filter cutoff to remove DC offset, while leaving bass intact