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Minimize low-level crackles and surface noise
Image for X-Crackle

Clean Crackles & Pops from Digitized Vinyl and Old Recordings


X-Crackle removes the subtle clicks and pops from damaged vinyl and other flawed recordings. After optimizing X-Crackle’s parameters, it automatically reduces surface noise—and thanks to sophisticated psycho-acoustic noise reduction algorithms, leaves the remaining audio untouched.

To simplify parameter adjustment and obtain the best results, the dual-window X-Crackle Scope shows the original waveform, along with a sonogram that displays the crackles being minimized.

  • Choose the crackle attenuation magnitude, from slight to strong
  • Accommodate different crackle levels with the threshold control
  • The display correlates crackle reduction to the threshold
  • See the crackle reduction amount in the Attenuation meter