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Waves Tune LT

Simplified vocal pitch correction and re-tuning
Image for Waves Tune LT

Easy, Uncomplicated Pitch Correction


When time is your priority, Waves Tune LT is the quick solution for pitch-correcting vocals—and even guitar, sax, and other single-note melody lines in the vocal range. Simply tell Tune LT how fast to correct the pitch, the length of note transitions, and the correction strength. Done.

Concentrate on expressiveness when singing—Waves Tune LT can fix a bad note in an otherwise great performance. Or, set the controls to extreme, for the hard correction “T-Pain” sound.

  • Simple interface for quick vocal pitch correction
  • Create special vocal effects like octave drops
  • Conform the notes to 43 traditional and ethnic scales
  • Customize scales by specifying “legal” or “illegal” notes
  • Graphic display shows amount of pitch correction in real time
  • Supports ReWire for transport control within the plugin
Watch It in Action

The tutorial videos for this plugin use the full version of Waves Tune, not Waves Tune LT.