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Vintage EQ with rich analog tone, modeled from 1066 and 1073 consoles
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The Natural, Colorful Sound of the 70s


Decades ago, EQ designers working within hardware’s limitations would choose a “greatest hits” collection of parameters and controls. The carefully curated choice of frequencies, slopes, and curves made it easy to dial in the ideal sound—from tracks to masters—within seconds.

The V-EQ3 is true to that ideal, with a spectacularly detailed midrange, rich bass, and bright “air.” This isn’t a “surgical” EQ: its analog accuracy envelops the sound’s body with color and sparkle.

  • Natural-sounding EQ, with low-distortion Class A design
  • Models the renowned 1066/1073 Neve preamps
  • Add “air” to vocals and acoustic instruments at 10 or 12 kHz
  • 10 curated midrange frequencies for vocals and instruments
  • Highpass filter trims “mud” when feeding sounds like kick into buses
  • Boost Low-Frequency shelf for body or power; cut to thin sounds
  • Zeroing EQ still retains the analog circuit modeling
  • Phase reverse adds functionality with parallel processing
Watch It in Action

Paint Sounds with Broad Strokes

  • Proven Sound—for Over Half a Century

    The V-EQ3 models the famous 1066/1073 Neve preamps, which embody the character-laden sound of the 70s—detailed midrange and body, high-end sparkle, and the subtle characteristics of transformer distortion.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Push Your Sounds Forward

    The 10 midrange bell frequencies were chosen solely for musical reasons. And the bell response tolerates high-gain settings better than today’s modern EQs, so you can push sounds forward—or cut back if needed.

  • Add Sweet Air to Your Tracks

    The 10 and 12 kHz high-shelf frequencies can both add “air,” but offer slightly different characters. Combined with a hint of harmonic distortion, air adds sparkle to all acoustic instruments, and especially vocals.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • “In the Box” Analog Mixing

    Add the V-EQ3 as the last effect in every track, zero out EQ, and click the Analog button—you’ll hear the sound of analog mixing’s wider soundstage, and the more forward midrange due to transformer emulation.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”