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Lush reverb with detailed control over early reflections
Image for TrueVerb

Create Natural-Sounding Reverb Spaces with Quick Early Reflection Editing


TrueVerb splits reverb controls into 4 clearly defined sections: early reflections, reverb tail, EQ, and damping. In addition to being a complete reverb solution in itself, the detailed early reflections editing—and low CPU power—also make it an ideal “front end” to augment early reflections for convolution reverbs.

30 included presets get you started quickly, but don’t stop there—the streamlined interface and straightforward parameters encourage customizing the settings for your own needs.

  • Optimize early reflections and reverb tail separately
  • Link button changes reflections and reverb proportionately
  • Reflections and reverb can have independent frequency responses
  • Shelving filter trims highs going into reverb, for smoother tails
  • Low-frequency cut before early reflections minimizes “mud”
  • Dual controls for low- and high-frequency damping
  • Open, transparent clarity fits well with vocals
  • Differentiate early reflections when using multiple TrueVerbs
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