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Tune the pitch of drums, in your recordings or live
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Tune Your Drums for Better Mixes


If you’ve tried to fix out-of-tune drums when mixing, you know pitch shifters aren’t up to the task. They smear transients, create artifacts, and neuter acoustic drums. Powered by Waves’ proprietary Organic ReSynthesis engine, Torque changes everything.

Torque can change tone and formants, while preserving the original drum sound’s natural attack, resonance, and duration—with focus, trim, and threshold options to further enhance your drums. Use Torque in the studio—or live, when you need to get the drums right in the mix.

  • Finally: Drums and percussion can sit perfectly in the mix
  • Give depth and power to all drum sounds, including vintage analog
  • Focus tonal changes on specific frequencies—ideal for loops
  • Choose big or thin sounds, with up to ±1 octave changes
  • Keeps the live feel and sound quality of acoustic drum parts
  • Ideal for individual drums, but also does magic with buses and loops
  • Eliminate the complexity and hassles of drum replacers
  • Super-low latency for live performance
Watch It in Action

Adjust the Perfect Drum Tone

  • Help Your Drums Sit in the Mix

    It’s time to fit the drums to the production—not the other way around. Tuned drums make tracks sound more professional, cohesive, and exciting. Got a great drum part, but the pitch isn’t perfect? Now you can fix it in the mix.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Fine-Tune Quickly and Easily

    Getting great drum tone with Torque is easy: Turn the big Torque control to tune the drum pitch. Adjust Thresh to determine the exact threshold level above which tuning will take place. Fine-tune attack and release times with the Speed control. Increase Trim for a thicker drum sound, or decrease for a thinner tone. Done.

  • Focus on Your Drums’ Fundamental Frequencies

    For precision control, you will want to identify each drum track’s fundamental frequency area. Use the Focus control to sweep through the frequencies of your kick, snare, or other drum tracks; audition each frequency range in isolation, and consult the visualizer in order to identify the frequency range that is most important to tune.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Tune Drums Live on Stage. Zero Latency.

    Mixing live drums on stage? Now you have the luxury to tune drums that weren’t properly tuned prior to the concert—mid-show or even mid-song. Torque has zero latency and is optimized for live sound mixing.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Automate Torque for Creative Effects

    Congas, timbales, tambourines, orchestral percussion, maracas—give them a new sense of pitch that flows right into a mix. For glides, slides, and talking drum effects, assign automation to the main Torque control.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material