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Flexible delays inspired by analog tape echo
Image for SuperTap

Vintage Tape Echo Effects—Modernized and Redefined


Multi-head tape delays defined the sound of spacey echoes. SuperTap does everything the vintage hardware did, but its 6 independent stereo delay lines deliver far more flexibility.

SuperTap’s modulation, feedback delay, and filtering enhance echoes even more. From evocative solos, to playful polyrhythms, to thick slapback and early reflections, SuperTap is a classic delay powerhouse.

  • Delay times up to 4958 ms, tap delay, or sync to host tempo
  • 6 independent, full-function delay lines
  • Tailor the tone of individual delay lines with 6 filter curves
  • Advanced feedback options, including self-oscillation
  • Add modulation for lush delayed chorusing effects
  • Rotation-based panning preserves right and left channel levels
  • Create polyrhythmic delays with 6x tap tempo button
  • Add rhythmic effects plus analog-style self-oscillating feedback
Watch It in Action
What Top Pros Are Saying
  • Carlos Paucar
    “I can't believe how much I use this delay. I love how easy it is to program and how I can place the delays in the stereo field at different levels. I've pretty much used it on every song I've produced. “
    Carlos Paucar
    Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer
    Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Chris Brown, Jewel
  • Charles Deenen
    “I love this plug, as it reminds me of an old favorite hardware unit. In extreme cases, you can create all sorts of stereo-imaged movement sounds. Use the filters on the channels to create crazy delays. “
    Charles Deenen
    Sound Designer
    The Fast and the Furious, Need for Speed
  • Scott Martin Gershin
    “One of my ‘audio mangling’ gang of toys—plugins I can use to modulate an element or sound. For me, they really are the heart of any sound design. “
    Scott Martin Gershin
    Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer
    American Beauty, Nightcrawler, Maya & the Three, Pacific Rim