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Add bigger, deeper subs to your tracks
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Take a Deep Dive into the Low Frequencies


Deeper bass, bigger kicks, floor-shaking dance mixes, large-than-life sound design—Submarine packs a subharmonic punch you can’t obtain any other way. Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis process isolates the existing low frequencies, then generates subharmonics one and two octaves below.

Best of all, because the process isn’t EQ-based, the sound is crystal-clear—even on large sound systems—without the muddiness, artifacts, or rumble of traditional subharmonic generators.

  • Add subs to individual tracks, buses, or final masters
  • Build the ideal bass foundation for hip hop and club music
  • Add subharmonics over a broad or narrow frequency range
  • Mix in with tracks, or send to a low-frequency effects (LFE) bus
  • Organic ReSynthesis guarantees no-compromise sound quality
  • Drive adds even harmonics, Dynamics controls compression
Watch It in Action

Add Clean, Clear Subharmonics Without Muddiness

  • Go Deep—But Go Clean

    Submarine goes deep—not just 1 octave, but up to 2 octaves below your original sound. The artifact-free sound comes from Submarine extracting the pitch, formant, and envelope from the audio, and processing only that—not other frequencies that would otherwise muddy the sound.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Feed Your Low-Frequency Effects Bus

    From super-realistic sound effects to club-friendly subwoofers, Submarine can pump floor-shaking bass into your LFE bus—without the blurred sound you’d have from EQ. You can even choose mono LFE for extra punch.

  • Powered by Tone

    Choose a wide, or narrow, range of audio for processing—from a kick drum’s thump, to the full bass range. Then, vary Dynamics for a tighter or looser sound, and tweak Drive to glue the suboctaves into the mix.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation