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Sub Align

Align PA system subs and tops for phase integrity
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Dramatically Improve the Sound of Misaligned PA Systems


Compact, portable PAs with separate subs and tops are great for musicians playing small venues—except in clubs that position subs and tops based on physical convenience, not sound quality. When subs and tops aren’t aligned correctly, the bass becomes muddy, weak, and indistinct.

Sub Align inserts in your master bus, and “moves” the subs virtually in relation to the tops. Once you hear the difference that proper alignment makes, you’ll never gig without Sub Align again.

  • Solves problems when you can’t access the house system’s settings
  • Phase-align subs and tops for optimum sound quality
  • Equally suitable for mono or stereo PA systems
  • “Move” subs virtually in milliseconds, feet, or meters
Watch It in Action

Cohesive, Accurate Live Sound

  • Why Alignment Matters

    Ideally, the PA’s top is right above the sub. But if the sub is placed elsewhere, phase misalignment can degrade sound quality. Sub Align delays or advances the sub virtually, for proper phase alignment and better sound.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Work With the PA, not Against It

    Sub Align’s crossover control lets you match the PA system’s internal crossover frequency. This ensures that the correct low-end frequencies are going to the subs for proper alignment.

  • Easy Interface

    The straightforward interface (which is also touch-friendly) makes it easy to align the sound, whether mono or stereo. Link stereo channels or adjust them independently, solo subs or tops, and tweak gain as well as phase.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation