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StudioRack is also available as part of SoundGrid Studio.

Create and save powerful plugin chains with Waves StudioRack, the ultimate plugin chainer – including parallel processing racks, multiband split racks, and quick-access macros to create your own ‘custom plugins.’

Thinking in terms of chains – not individual processors – is a hallmark of the best producers and engineers. The all-new Waves StudioRack finally places the full power of plugin chain creation in your hands.

StudioRack allows you to build complete chains of up to 8 plugins from just one DAW insert – and save them for instant recall. You can use StudioRack to chain Waves plugins as well as VST3 plugins by other manufacturers.

That’s not all—StudioRack also features these powerful processing abilities:

  • 8 macros per chain: Combine parameters from different plugins in your chain into quick-access macro controls – essentially enabling you to build your own ‘custom plugins.’
  • Parallel processing racks: Split your audio, from any point in any chain, into parallel mono, stereo and M/S racks – to add more punch, space, and presence to your signal, without having to create complex routings in your DAW.
  • Multiband split racks: Turn any StudioRack-compatible plugin (Waves or non-Waves) into a multiband processor, with detailed control over your crossover points.

StudioRack allows you to save entire chains with their internal routings, and open them in any DAW – making it easier than ever to collaborate with producers and mixers who use a DAW different than yours. The ability to host VST3 plugins also means you can use your VST3 plugins freely in non-VST3 DAWs like Logic or Pro Tools.

StudioRack is also compatible with Waves’ SoundGrid Studio, giving you the option to offload plugin processing to a SoundGrid server, in order to mix plugin-rich sessions unlimited by your computer’s CPU (Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins only).

With the new Waves StudioRack, the full power of sound creation is in your hands.

  • New supercharged version of Waves’ plugin chainer
  • Build powerful plugin chains with ease
  • NEW: Can host Waves plugins as well as non-Waves VST3 plugins
  • Move entire plugin chains between DAWs in seconds
  • 8 macros per chain to create your own ‘custom plugins’
  • Easy parallel processing with mono, stereo & M/S parallel racks
  • Turn any plugin into multiband with multiband split racks
  • Easy plugin search
  • Internal sidechaining
  • Over 170 presets for complete plugin chains
  • Optional: Offload your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server (Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins only)