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SSL G-Channel

Adaptive-Q EQ, compressor/limiter, expander/gate
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The Sound of the Console that Powered Thousands of Hits


SSL’s E-series changed the way that producers and engineers made music, but the G-series built on that legacy with a modern, punchier sound. The redesigned EQ, coupled with the E-series dynamics, powered thousands of hit albums—and continues to find favor today for rock and pop.

There’s a reason why SSL consoles have been used on more #1 hits in recent decades than any other console. Now, Waves’ meticulous modeling, licensed by SSL, captures all the nuances that made the G-series consoles legendary.

  • Developed in association with and licensed by SSL
  • Recreates the 383’s proportional-Q EQ, and novel shelving curves
  • High and low-shelf EQ, two fully parametric stages
  • Advanced sidechain routing for dynamics and EQ
  • Dynamics with program-sensitive attack, and fast attack switch
  • Low CPU load—insert multiple instances in track-heavy projects
Watch It in Action

Re-Create SSL G’s Analog Sound in Your DAW

  • Unique Analog-Modeled EQ, Delicate to Punchy

    The G-Channel models the SSL G-series’ newer VCAs, Class A operation, distinctive EQ curves, program-dependent dynamics—and even the noise and THD inherent in analog’s character, which you can turn on or off.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Unique EQ Design: High-Definition Highs, Warmer Lows

    The G’s adaptive-Q design, with wider bandwidth at lower gains, encouraged a more delicate approach to EQ—yet turning up the gain narrows the Q when you need a forward, punchy EQ sound. Unlike standard designs, the shelving EQ stages have slight overshoot bumps at the shelving frequency. This gives warmer lows, as well as more high-frequency definition by giving a lift just above the midrange area.

  • Change Character with One Click

    The high mid parametric’s HMFx3 button multiplies the frequency by 3, while the low mid parametric’s LMF÷3 button divides the frequency by 3. These options change the parametric stage’s character dramatically.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Design Your Dynamics

    Tailor sounds going into dynamics, or process the post-dynamics tone, by placing the smooth, natural-sounding compressor/limiter and expander/gate before or after filter and EQ, or between them.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Next-Level Sidechaining

    Reduce resonances, de-ess, maintain sparkle when compressing, keep basses full, and more—SSL augmented the sidechain process by allowing the filters, EQ, or filters and EQ, to process the sidechain signal.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Over 100 Presets by Legendary Producers and Engineers

    115 presets from acclaimed producers and engineers like Chris Lord-Alge, Greg Wells, and Steve Lillywhite showcase the G-series’ effectiveness in a wide variety of applications.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers