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Time- and pitch-stretch audio with multiple options
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Stretch Time and Pitch with Outstanding Quality


Without a doubt, the most demanding digital audio processes are stretching time and transposing pitch. SoundShifter offers high-quality results for both processes, with three specialized components provide different, optimized functionalities.

With all DAWs, use SoundShifter as an insert effect. With Pro Tools, you can also shift a selection’s speed and pitch with a fixed ratio, and even change ratios in a selection by drawing an automation graph.

  • The sound quality far exceeds typical stock DAW functions
  • Transpose instruments and vocals to different keys
  • Tweak the time of commercials, so they fit into designated time slots
  • Raise pitch/time with masters, as was done with variable-speed tape
  • Transform audio, for sound design applications and FX
  • Define time-stretch lengths by SMPTE, tempo, bars, or samples
  • Transpose based on absolute frequencies or musical pitches
  • Unlink pitch and time, or link one to the other
  • Parametric/Graphic SoundShifters are AudioSuite-only components
  • Graphic SoundShifter has separate curves for pitch and time
  • Pitch shifter component works with all DAWs, not just Pro Tools
  • Pitch shifter transposes audio independently of duration
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