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De-essing with Organic ReSynthesis technology
Image for Sibilance

Breakthrough DeEsser Optimized for Vocal Brightness and Tone


Sibilance breaks down sound into basic, individual components prior to processing. When Sibilance recognizes unwated “ess” and “shh” vocal sounds, it reduces only their levels without affecting other components—even ones with high frequencies. The result: ultra-precise de-essing.

For vocals, dialogue, voiceover, and podcasting, no other de-esser maintains the original timbre, duration, and resonance of the human voice as well—or as effectively—as Sibilance.

  • Organic ReSynthesis keeps brightness and removes harshness
  • Retains the vocal’s original tone, even with heavy de-essing
  • Variable frequency range for de-essing, from wide to split-band
  • Informative graph shows de-essing occurrence and amount
  • Variable detection mode for transients or longer ess sounds
  • Includes zero-latency version for live performance
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The Surgical Solution to Better Vocals

  • Remove Harshness: Keep Original Brightness and Tone

    Sibilance bypasses conventional de-essing by identifying the various vocal components—not just the frequencies—that create harsh “s” and “sh” sounds. It then removes only these components: this way you can retain all of the vocal’s original brightness—and even add brightness with additional EQ if needed—without making the vocal harsher.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Customize Your Criteria for De-Essing

    Choose the width of the sound to be minimized—narrow for ess transients, wide for shh sounds. Mode determines the frequency range being affected, from the full bandwidth to just the highs.

  • Real-Time Visual Analysis

    The sibilance detection graph provides real-time, visual confirmation of your edits. You’ll see de-essing as it occurs, overlaid on the waveform, as well as the amount of de-essing that’s being applied.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Innovative DeEssing with Organic ReSynthesis

    Sibilance achieves its breakthrough precision de-essing thanks to its Waves Organic ReSynthesis engine. Whereas most de-essers act like narrow-band compressors, Organic ReSynthesis breaks down each sound into its core elements, such as carrier and envelope, allowing surgical control of each element and leaving the rest of the signal untouched. .

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”