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S360 Surround Imager & Panner

Manipulate surround imaging, panning, and space
Image for S360 Surround Imager & Panner

Shift Sounds in Space for 5.0 and 5.1 Audio


For the best reproduction of 5.0/5.1 music and soundtracks in home theater systems, the S360° Panner and S360° Imager are your tools of choice. They not only deliver superior results by themselves, but are versatile enough to complement other imaging tools and X/Y panners.

The S360° Surround Toolkit follows the reproduction standards in the ITU-R BS.775 specification—but also provides ways to handle some common compromises and variations.

  • Set surround mix rotation and width with the S360° Panner
  • The Panner places mono, stereo, or 5.0/5.1 in the surround mix
  • Panning graph displays a splined-circle energy scope
  • The S360° Imager creates distance panning with room models
  • “Shuffling” allows the Imager to control low-frequency width
  • Imager and Panner are compatible with the M360° Surround Manager