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Renaissance Reverb

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Classic recursive reverb with rich reverb tails, 12 reverb types, and an advanced early reflection system. The first choice for countless producers and engineers.

Combining rich features with an easy-to-use interface, Renaissance Reverb delivers unsurpassed sound with extraordinary reverb density and texture.

Renaissance Reverb lets you choose from 12 reverb types, including Halls, Room, Chamber, Church, Plates, Reverse, Gated, Non-Linear, EchoVerb, and ResoVerb.

With dual-band EQ, damping controls and an updated intuitive interface, Renaissance Reverb gives you the flexibility you need from a reverb effect. Having made its name among world-class producers, musicians and engineers, this is a plugin you’ll want to add to your sound.
  • Warm-sounding recursive reverb designed to emulate vintage sounds
  • Choose from 12 reverb types
  • Advanced early reflection system, dual-band EQ, damping controls
  • De-correlation for subtle early reflection changes and fine-tuning
  • NEW: Presets by leading producers & engineers: Michael Brauer, Eddie Kramer, more
  • NEW: Updated interface with 3 skin options: Light, Dark, Legacy